3dB Studio's Live Room is purpose built to function both as a recording room, and as a live performance venue with seating for 20+ for your CD release party with multi-camera live streaming.”

— Tracey White, Director of Operations

Curtained performance area with truss mounted lights

  • Presonus StudioLive 328 AI x4 - mains and monitors
  • Presonus StudioLive  18sAI x4 - subwoofers
  • Vocal ISO booth
  • Star grounded outlets for buzz free electrical
  • Vaulted ceiling
  • LED mood lights


  • 10x 86LED RGB Par's - 4 Channel 
  • 16x 54x3W LED RGBW Pars - 6 Channel 
  • 2x Chauvet Derby X -  8 Channel 
  • 1x 8x10W RGBW Spider Light - 10, 36 or 38 Channel 
  • Controller - Universal DMX 512, 192 Channels - 12 Fixtures (16Ch), 30 Banks (8 Scenes each), 6 Chases. 
  • All lights can be controlled by any DMX controller that is properly configured. Email tracey@3dBStudio.com for current light addresses and groupings.
3dB Studio is not limited to Audio Recording.  Your creative imagination is the only limit for the use of our live internet broadcasting studio.  Want to do a talk show, news, weather, sports, or a cooking show, with a live studio audience?  We can handle it all in our 750 sq ft live room with multiple fixed and moving cameras.”

— Morey White, Director of Videography

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