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What is included: • 4 full hours of ROCK STAR treatment • 16 seats in the live audience for fans, friends, or family • 4 VIP seats in the control room • Your signed band photo on the 3dB Studio ‘Wall of Fame’ • Live stream link to send to your fans, friends, family to watch you live while you are ‘ON THE AIR’ • One hour live stream broadcast via YouTube and on the 3dB Studio website  (can be viewed anywhere there is high speed internet) • Set-up and sound check (two hours)  • Live stream (one hour) • Photos and tear down (one hour) • Recording of the live stream exactly as it was broadcast for you to use in marketing your band • Source video (4 cameras) and audio tracks (up to 48 channels) for your own post production editing and mixing • A one-time 25% discount on a future multi-track recording session or post production.

Proof of purchase must accompany the gift certificate to be valid.

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