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Welcome to the first blog for 3dB Studio!  We are located in beautiful, relaxing Suburban Denver which will provide a quiet atmosphere for the best recording possible.  3DB Studio is rooted in 3 things:
1) producing the best recordings possible
2) amazing rock music as a way of life
3) family. 

We believe that these 3 things are the foundation for happiness in life and we want to share an amazing life experience with you as we record together in the future. 

3dB Studio is run by Dan, Tracey and Kathy, and Morey and Julie.  The name 3dB Studio comes in a two-fold explanation:
1) "3dB" as in decibels on a VU Meter (as any audiophile already knows!)
2) There are three original founders of the studios who had a passion for music and drove their ambition to start this rockin’ studio, literally from the ground up (really, drywall and all)!

Like in any family we bring our own individual talents together in order to produce an amazing end product and one-stop shopping for all bands that record with us so that only thing you have to worry about is laying down your best track ever.  3dB Studio is an audio recording studio with internet broadcasting capabilities and so much more.  We offer radio-ready recordings, rehearsal space, CD-release party planning, screen print and promotional items, live streaming of your recording, video services for music videos, event planning all of which is done by folks who have been in the industry, love music and have been awarded for their talents! 

Welcome to our studio family and we are so excited to start recording with you and keep on bringing amazing music to the Denver scene and beyond!

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